Dr Erica Seville appointed to BRANZ Board


BRANZ Chair Nigel Smith announced today the appointment of Dr Erica Seville to the BRANZ Group Board of Directors. Erica will sit alongside seven other directors on the Board.

“BRANZ is committed to fostering a building system that delivers better outcomes for all in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our ambition for the sector and our passion for industry transformation demand robust governance skills, informed by a knowledge of research, co-creation and systems thinking. Erica will contribute significant expertise, insight and experience to the task.

“Erica brings a depth of understanding of the construction, build, and infrastructure sectors through a research perspective. Through her executive roles at Resilient Organisations, she has been involved in industry research across topics such as performance measurement, seismic resilience, workforce challenges, and the resilience of future building stock. This has seen her recently re-appointed for a second term as an EQC Commissioner. We’re delighted to welcome Erica to the BRANZ Board,” says Nigel.