What is really going on in the construction industry

Despite the Covid-19 lockdown interruption and delays in shovel-ready projects, many contractors are optimistic about the future according to the 2020 Construction Industry Survey, a partnership between Teletrac Navman and Civil Contractors New Zealand COVID-19 and the electoral cycle are causing short-term pain for civil contractors in the next 6-12 months, but the industry sees a promising future, with record spending on infrastructure projects as a cornerstone to the Government’s economic recovery plan. Continue →
Property Trends

Will house prices continue to rise as we enter recession?

August’s REINZ figures saw an annual increase in median house prices across every region in New Zealand, half of which reached record highs, but opinions are split as Treasury predicts the average cost of a home will fall 5% by June next year Median house prices across New Zealand increased by 16.4% in August to $675,000, up from $580,000 in August 2019 and up from $659,000 in July (a 2.4% lift). Continue →


New decade, new office design trends

Sustainability and environmental awareness have set the tone for 2020 and beyond, and companies are shifting their preferences accordingly Companies are implementing more eco-friendly policies, green spaces, and innovative materials into their workspaces. Continue →


This self-repairing ‘Frankenstein’ concrete has limitless potential

A “Frankenstein-like” concrete capable of healing its own cracks and absorbing carbon dioxide could revolutionise construction and defence industries Ingrid Woodrow – The Urban Developer The new “living concrete”, being developed by researchers in the US, is at the forefront of a new class of low-carbon, designer living building materials or LBMs, according to a recent article in the New York Times. Continue →
Compliance & Legal

Fire safety must be maintained during lockdown

Fire equipment maintenance is an essential service that must continue regardless of the pandemic, Wormald Australia CEO Andrew Lee is reminding business and property managers While the nation is in lock down to minimise the spread of COVID-19, there is still the need to maintain essential services. Continue →

Training & Management

Winning tenders: what 47% of businesses are doing wrong

Nearly half of construction leaders are differentiating their business on this same strength during the tendering process, according to a recent survey by tender consultancy firm Madrigal Communications Of those surveyed, 21% say they differentiate themselves on quality, 21% on price, 10% on client communications. Continue →
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Why Digital Twins are taking the construction industry by storm

Digital Twin Technology is increasingly being deployed by organisations in the construction industry, delivering organisational cost savings and operational efficiencies as part of their digital transformation journey, says Head of Pacific AVEVA Damien McDade from AVEVA Worldwide, construction is already one of the largest industry sectors. Continue →