Construction Sector Accord a long-term commitment

A New Zealand Construction Sector Accord was announced by five ministers, including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, signalling long-term commitment between government and industry to collaborate on key work areas for a healthy construction sector Government and construction industry leaders have signalled a shared commitment to transform New Zealand’s construction sector. Continue →
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Australia’s first CLT plant begins production

Building material manufacturer XLam has set the pace for a timber revolution in Australian construction, the Urban Developer reports, with production officially under way at their newly opened Cross Laminated Timber plant in Wodonga The facility measures 12,000sq m and was announced in 2016, when the $25 million project was originally conceived to fill a gap in the industry responding to the demand for a sustainable, easy-to-use and fast building solution. Continue →
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Workspace as a Service: workplace for the future

The way we do business has been disrupted; we are now connected everywhere and with everyone, says Regus Country Manager Pierre Ferrandon As employees we can now choose where and when we work, because work is no longer something we do or a place we go but is the overall output that an employee and employer produce. Continue →
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Signs of an upturn in the housing market

The signs of an upturn in the housing market have become clearer in the past few weeks, though you wouldn’t yet pick it from sales volumes comparisons, but a big reason for that is that there remains a lack of listings on the market, explains CoreLogic Senior Research Analyst Kelvin Davidson Well we’re almost at the end of another busy and fascinating year for NZ’s property market, one that’s involved plenty of legislative changes (and some high-profile about-faces, e.g. Continue →