Number of new houses nearing record high

34,672 dwelling consents were issued for the year to May, the highest since December 1974, putting us firmly in the midst of one of the three biggest new building booms on record, CoreLogic Senior Property Economist Kelvin Davidson says The latest dwelling consents figures confirmed that the ramping up of construction activity across NZ isn’t finished yet, despite signs of capacity constraints around labour and materials in the industry.  Continue →
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Lifestyle blocks on the rise

Data released by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) shows growing strength in the lifestyle property sector There were 116 more lifestyle property sales (+6.4%) for the three months ended December 2019 than for the three months ended November 2019. Continue →


Benefits of greenwalls at home and in the workplace

Greenwalls work exceptionally well at minimising the effects of the concrete jungle associated with urban infrastructure, while improving social and economic value, says The Greenwall Company Founder Mark Paul Greenwalls in the home Indoors or out, a greenwall in the home not only beautifies the space, it also improves the air quality, provides insulation and improves the mood of each member of the household. Continue →


‘Intelligent’ bricks that could reduce air-con use

The University of Hong Kong’s robotics department has been printing bricks designed with game-changing cooling properties The university’s technology consists of an industrial-scale 3D printer, a software program to design the bricks, and a robotic arm to control the manufacturing process. Continue →
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Kiwi businesswoman becomes new co-owner of Century 21

After seven years in Australian ownership, Derryn Mayne, one of South Auckland’s most energetic and successful realtors, has bought a 25% stake of Century 21 New Zealand with firm plans to grow the company’s market share “I’m delighted that a significant piece of Century 21 New Zealand ownership is falling back into Kiwi hands,” says Charles Tarbey, owner of Century 21 Australasia. Continue →
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