Shovels at the ready, but where’s the work?

Construction and infrastructure leaders are calling for urgency around the release of the government’s full list of ‘shovel-ready projects’ as increasing numbers of workers face redundancy and business confidence amongst construction and infrastructure companies nose-dives Early this month the Government announced it had selected 150 projects worth NZD$2.6b that would create or retain 20,000 jobs. Continue →
Property Trends

COVID-19 fallout not as bad as expected

House prices have continued to surpass predictions for how they would perform post-COVID, with median house prices across New Zealand increasing to $639,000, according to the latest data from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) June marks 105 months in a row of year-on-year median prices increases for the country. Continue →


New decade, new office design trends

Sustainability and environmental awareness have set the tone for 2020 and beyond, and companies are shifting their preferences accordingly Companies are implementing more eco-friendly policies, green spaces, and innovative materials into their workspaces. Continue →


This self-repairing ‘Frankenstein’ concrete has limitless potential

A “Frankenstein-like” concrete capable of healing its own cracks and absorbing carbon dioxide could revolutionise construction and defence industries Ingrid Woodrow – The Urban Developer The new “living concrete”, being developed by researchers in the US, is at the forefront of a new class of low-carbon, designer living building materials or LBMs, according to a recent article in the New York Times. Continue →
Compliance & Legal

Landlords should watch out for no access clauses

With many tenants now unable to access their premises due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, commercial property landlords could be hit with ‘no access’ lease clauses, warn leading property and legal experts The most common standard form of commercial property lease in New Zealand, the Auckland District Law Society (ADLS) Deed of Lease, includes a ‘no access in emergency’ clause. Continue →

Training & Management
All News

What lies ahead for property in the rest of 2020?

The ‘good times’ that have re-emerged for property since April are more likely to fade out in the second half of the year than to roll on, warns Core Logic Senior Research Analyst Kelvin Davidson It’s obviously been an unprecedented year for the economy and property market so far in 2020, but it’s at least been reassuring that the number of appraisals generated by real estate agents, for-sale and for-rent listings, valuations ordered by banks, mortgage lending flows, and agreed sales activity have all rebounded since we left alert level four lockdown in late April. Continue →