New requirements coming for Green Star ratings


The next version of Green Star Buildings for New Zealand is open for consultation, introducing 16 minimum expectations set to be introduced by mid-2024

The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) is developing the next version of Green Star – Green Star Buildings. Due to eventually replace Green Star Design & As Built, Green Star Buildings is aimed at paving the way for even better, more sustainable buildings with greater inclusion of nature-based solutions, inclusive design, social procurement, responsible materials and embodied carbon reduction.

Since its initial industry consultation last year, the Council has been busy working through feedback and has formed six Expert Reference Panels to assess the technical details of each credit and ensure they’re suitable for the New Zealand Market. A key part of this work has also been to establish a Māori Working Group who are rewriting several credits including Indigenous Inclusion and Cultural, Heritage and Identity.

Some of the biggest changes to Green Star are under consultation now. This is your chance to review the changes, test the credits, and let the Council know what works and what doesn’t. Over three months it will be taking your feedback with a written consultation process, as well as in-person consultation events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch throughout August. The Council says this feedback will be vital as it works to finalise and release Green Star Buildings NZ in mid-2024.

The Council has aimed to tailor Green Star Buildings for the New Zealand market to localise for the regulatory environment, availability of products and specialised services, and respect for differences in our market, climate and culture, while recognising the need to be true to Green Star and expectations of driving change.

The New Zealand version of Green Star Buildings seeks to:

  • Establish a clear, well-defined entry point for best practice Green Star ratings
  • Set new levels of achievement for ambitious project teams committed to the highest possible levels of sustainability.
  • Introduce new categories and credits reflecting issues relevant to our market now, and in the future
    Prioritise eliminating of carbon emissions from the built environment, extending on the reductions set by Green Star Design & As Built NZ v1.1
  • Create green building attributes for all Green Star rated buildings, driving wider market awareness and appreciation for the differences and benefits

Green Star Buildings NZ will introduce 16 minimum expectations that must be achieved by all projects to achieve a Green Star rating. These are aimed at ensuring all Green Star rated buildings meet a basic definition of a green building (energy efficient, water efficient, good healthy spaces, built responsibly, and on sites that are not critical natural areas).


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