Small home designs impress award judges


A panel of architectural practitioners and experts has revealed small homes are the stand-out entries in the 2017 ADNZ | Resene Architectural Design Awards.

Judge Michael Davis, who is Director of Architecture Programmes at the University of Auckland, says while the overall number of entries this year is fewer, the quality is higher.

He says the small homes (up to 150sqm) category is particularly rich, in terms of quality of design.

‘The quality of work is exceptional’, says Davis.

‘And I think this is because a smaller home demands a lot of designer-led intention.

“When you are working with a smaller site and a smaller budget, the same number of ideas are packed within these constraints so you end up with a real density of quality design inside smaller homes.’

New judge Melanda Slemint agrees saying innovative design produces quality.

‘Buildings affect people, and good ones may be loved because they have some sort of meaning, for example a connection to place or memory, an appropriateness through scale, materiality and language, and therefore substance, that transcends style,’ Slemint says.

‘As New Zealand grows, and our cities densify and change, I believe a big challenge will be around retaining a sense of identity.’

Melanda Slemint and Michael Davis join former judge and past ADNZ Supreme Award winner Graeme Boucher on the panel.

ADNZ CEO Astrid Andersen congratulated all the designers who entered, describing this year’s entries as inspiring.

‘Entries to our design awards come from breakthrough emerging designers to experienced practitioners.

“Their talent and hard work make impressions all along our coastlines, in our countryside, suburbs, cities and industrial areas,’ Andersen notes.

‘The winning designs will reflect all of us – who we are – our New Zealand culture and identity on the international design stage.’

Held annually, ADNZ | Resene Architectural Design Awards celebrate outstanding designs in both residential and commercial sectors.

Categories include new homes, interiors, alterations and additions and industrial design.

Winners of regional awards will be announced progressively through to mid-August.

National award winners and the Supreme Award will be announced late October 2017.