Retail centres will benefit from new bus routes


Auckland Transport’s new bus routes will offer far greater convenience and travel options to the city’s retail centres according to an industry expert

“The focus on frequent bus services to and from the major hubs is good news for Auckland’s retail centres,” says Campbell Barbour, chair of the New Zealand Council of Shopping Centres (NZCSC).

“It means that catching a bus to our centres is a convenient and genuine option.15650516629_32977dfbc4_b

“The new transport networks will enable people better links from where they live and work to the centres offering the products and services they want.

“NZCSC expects this to further reinforce the important role its centres play in the city.”

The new routes, which have been three years in the making, have been confirmed and have begun being rolled out with new bus routes, new route numbers and new timetables.

“It is great to see Auckland Transport aligning transport networks around where people want to go,” Barbour says.

“For example, you can now finish work in the city, catch the bus to a centre, shop or meet friends for a meal and a movie, then continue on home.”

Barbour highlights the fact that this initiative supports an overall retail trend towards centres becoming community hubs, offering a range of services, products, and opportunities to socialise.

“We see efficient and convenient public transport as playing an increasing role in the future of New Zealand centres.

“You only have to look offshore, in large cities to see the impact that public transport networks have.

“The way we shop is changing and our centres are responding accordingly with a broader range of services including health and wellbeing, hospitality such as bars, restaurants, and cafes, along with entertainment options.

“These are important parts of modern centres and complement a quality retail offering.

“Going to the mall is not just about buying something.  It is a place we go to socialise and relax, and enjoy an experience with family and friends.

“These are things that “online retail” will never replace, and it just got a lot easier to get there by bus,” he says.