New Engineer to Contract addition to top NZ project management company


The Building Intelligence Group has responded to market needs by appointing a specialist independent Engineer to Contract (ETC) role.  Charles Brown has taken up the key role of Engineer to Contract Lead/ Project Director, based in the company’s Auckland office.

As New Zealand’s longest-serving independent project management company, The Building Intelligence Group has always strived to be responsive and agile around client needs and this new role offers the market expertise and independence for projects.

In his role as expert advisor to the principal and to manage the requirements of the contract, Brown’s skills are around knowing the legislative requirements that are part of his role and managing the tensions.

He has a proven record as an impartial, practical, and professional Engineer to Contract, and has worked in many sectors over his 21+ years in construction including commercial, Government, education, and health.

Charles Brown has significant Engineer to Contract knowledge and experience in contract negotiations and claim adjudication. Recently he was invited by Kāinga Ora to be one of four Engineers to Contract on their ETC Working Group Panel to provide legal guidance to define and draft contractual responses to parties, as part of the Covid-19 lockdown response.

Northern Business Manager for The Building Intelligence Group, Brent Thomson, says Charles is supremely qualified and an expert at ensuring construction contracts are adhered to.

“We offer engineer’s representatives on many of our projects, but Charles, as Engineer to Contract, adds a layer of expertise that means while he sits within our company, he offers standalone and independent consultancy that expands our project management offer in a unique way for project management companies,” he says.

“We understand the significance of the ETC role being completely independent. It’s a crucial part of the function which ensures the best outcomes for the project.

Not only does Charles’ appointment mean clients will get top level contract management independence, but it allows The Building Intelligence Group to grow our skill levels internally for the engineer’s representative aspects of project management. Charles will be leading a programme of constant training and improvement for our project managers around the specialist Engineer to Contract skills,” says Brent Thomson.


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