Global leaders collaborate to advance smart-healthy management systems


Leading wellness and technology real estate companies EDGE Technologies and Delos are exploring the integration of their respective platforms and capabilities

Together these two industry leaders will investigate and create physical environments (air, water, light, comfort, sound) and inform behavioural choices (nutrition, movement, personal interaction) to improve the performance of people in new and existing commercial buildings.

Delos recently launched its DARWIN Wellness Intelligence platform for residential homes and multi-family buildings and, in Australia, partnered with Simonds Homes to launch DARWIN to the state of Victoria ahead of a national roll-out.

The latest collaboration with Edge establishes the first application of the platform to commercial real estate services.

Paired with EDGE Technologies’ all-inclusive building technology platform they say the programme has the potential to deliver the most comprehensive confluence of data, data analytics and real time space optimisation to benefit users and owners within the commercial real estate industry.

Initial pilots of an integrated platform in selected commercial building projects are expected as early as mid-2019.

“Despite most of human history spent outside, we now spend nearly 90 percent of our time indoors, and invest 90 percent of our business expenses for people, yet we rarely focus on the impact the indoor environment can have on our health, well-being and overall business performance,” says Delos Chief Operating Officer Peter Scialla.

“For over a decade we have been successfully enforcing sustainable practices in the built environment. In line with that, very naturally a new trend occurred in the past few years – next to sustainable energy efficient buildings, our users want to work in and conduct business in healthy environments.”

EDGE Technologies is a market leader in a new generation of high-tech healthy and sustainable buildings. Founder and Chief Executive Coen van Oostrom sees the knowledge partnership as “a major step towards implementing health and wellness features into our existing and future EDGE buildings.”


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