BRANZ releases three updated guides


The latest editions provide guidance to designers, specifiers, plumbers, builders and electrical contractors.

The Plumbing, Electrical Design and Heating, Cooling and Ventilation publications take into account the rapid advances in technology and changes in the Building Code and standards since 2009.

construction-jobsThese include:

  • energy-efficient lighting
  • heat pump space heating and water heating options
  • onsite electrical generation such as photovoltaic panels
  • passive heating and ventilation and thermal mass design
  • heating and cooling system design
  • the energy efficiency of different space heating and ventilation options
  • calculating the heating required and the size of heater
  • thermal simulation to achieve the best results.
  • system design considerations that enhance water and energy efficiency
  • materials selection factors including durability and environmental friendliness
  • more efficient water heating options such as heat pumps
  • new content on harvesting rainwater and reusing greywater.

BRANZ is an independent and impartial research, testing and consulting organisation inspiring the building and construction industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders.