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When choosing cut-resistant gloves in the United States or Europe, there are new test methods, a new way of classifying the results and the addition of letters and numbers to assist the user to make a more informed choice.

The new EN standard has revisions to the coupe test. There is a new cutting blade and the blade cut is measured through a formula that will determine if the blade has been dulled during the test. In such cases, the EN388:2016 describes an additional test method, mainly for cut level four and cut level five gloves, called ISO13997.

The addition of the cut resistance test according to ISO 13997 (TDM Test Method) to the EN Standard is a major step to provide more precise test results for cut resistant gloves.

We at ATG® welcome the progression of these two major standards in the spirit of assisting our industry to establish a more global and holistic approach.

Through our CUTtech® technology platform we combine unique high performance yarns and fibres that offer cut protection whilst maintaining high levels of comfort and durability to form the reliable foundation of our gloves. Our cut resistance performance is reliable – in todays and tomorrows industrial world.

MaxiCut® Ultra™


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