World’s Longest ‘Horizontal Skyscraper’ unveiled in China


One of Asia’s largest real estate development companies has broken a world record in Chongqing, China with development that bridges a number of skyscrapers with the world’s longest horizontal tower

Four 250m-tall skyscrapers hold up Capitaland bridge-like structure, creating a horizontal skyscraper 400m above sea level.

Known as “The Conservatory”, the horizontal structure is 300 metres of continuous steel.

The Singaporean company’s edifice is comprised of 3,200 pieces of glass and 4,800 aluminium panels and it had to be prefabricated as multiple segments on the ground before being hoisted hydraulically.

The accordion-shaped building is 30 metres wide and 22.5 metres high.

According to CapitaLand, The Conservatory is longer than Singapore’s tallest building is tall.

CapitaLand Limited president Lim Ming Yan says erecting the Conservatory marked the culmination of five years of construction progress.

“Some of the world’s most advanced construction and engineering techniques have been deployed to install this megastructure on Chaotianmen, known as the crown jewel of Chongqing,” he reveals.

The Conservatory offers 10,000 square metres of gross floor area which provide an array of amenities including a themed observation deck and sky gardens, an infinity pool and a food and beverage zone.

However, The Conservatory is only one of many buildings within CapitaLand’s portfolio, which includes the $4.7 billion Raffles City, Chongqing.

CapitaLand is currently creating Raffles City, a multi-billion-dollar project comprising nine towers (including The Observatory) that create a new “vertically-built urban district” in Chongqing.

Raffles City occupies 9.2-hectares and brings together a 230,000sq m shopping mall, 160,000sq m of Grade A office space, 1,400 residential apartments and a luxury hotel.

“More than just a building, Raffles City Chongqing is a landmark urban renewal project that expresses and shapes Chongqing’s global city aspirations,” Lim proclaims.

“Our goal is to create a vibrant riverfront urban district that serves as a dynamic city gateway befitting of Chongqing’s growing economic influence.”

The development is located on Chaotianmen at the confluence of Yangtze and Jialing rivers in Yuzhong District, next to the traditional Jie Fang Bei central business district.

Raffles City Chongqing broke ground in September 2012 and five towers have since successfully topped out, one of which is a 350m-tall skyscraper.

Part of Raffles City Chongqing’s office component will begin handover end of this year, while the entire development is targeted to open in phases from 2019.