How technology is changing property development


Technological evolution has a huge influence on the property development sector and now there’s a new wave of property developers that do things differently and get better results

The Urban Developer

Any property developer will tell you that an enormous amount of work goes into what they do. In particular, developers have to carry out a lot of research. That means many hours spent before they even break ground on a project.

They’ll examine a location in depth to understand the site itself. They’ll examine demographics and determine the types of property that people in a location require. Furthermore, they have to look at what the location itself has to offer.

That’s all before they even consider contacting architects and construction crews. In the past, all of this research took a great deal of time.

But technology has brought about change in the sector. New platforms, such as, bring technology to the fore to help developers make decisions.

Archistar brings together hundreds of property data sets—such as property title information, zoning data, building heights and setbacks, construction cost and sales data—to enable developers to quickly assess the development potential of a property.

Developers can now find potential sites, produce feasibility reports and generate instant architectural designs using generative design techniques. What once took developers weeks can now be done in minutes.

The effects have revolutionised the property landscape, reducing complexity and costs in the approval process for developers and councils.

With this in mind, Archistar in collaboration with The Urban Developer are proud to deliver The Future of Property Development Roadshow in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

Get a first look at future technology that connects developers, councils and the community to streamline design exploration, compliance assessment and community engagement.

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