What is happening in the rest of the Covid world?


While we are up to the minute with the state of play in New Zealand and across the ditch in Australia, our world knowledge is sketchy and politically driven


The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) has been providing predictive monitoring and presents an independent research project around the world using data-driven predictive analysis.

The latest predictions and based on the latest global data is presented here

SUTD is not funded by any agency, and not tied to any company, government, or political party.

It “offers predictive monitoring to complement traditional monitoring or traditional prediction practices.”

SUTD is quick to firmly state that “predictions are uncertain by nature and that content from its website is STRICTLY ONLY for educational and research purposes and may contain errors.”

The university warns against over-optimism and urges readers to take any predictions with caution.

“Over-optimism based on some predicted end dates is dangerous because it may loosen our disciplines and controls and cause the turnaround of the virus and infection  and must be avoided.”