Working in construction? Put safety first with digital risk and safety cards


The Construction Health and Safety Risk Cards which have been in circulation since last year have been digitised.

This means anyone can access them from their desktop, tablet or mobile device and customise the risks relevant for their trade.


The ACC says it has had great feedback in its user testing. People like the ability to highlight the risks relevant to them and their worksite and use them to plan toolbox talks and other health and safety meetings.

Recognising and managing your health and safety risks is easy with the digital risk cards. The digital cards provide relevant information on the risks specific to your trade or sector.

Supported by Worksafe, this tool will help workers in the construction industry to work safely by providing best practice and practical examples of how to keep everyone safe on site.

The digital risk cards are based on the popular hard-copy cards which have been widely circulated and regularly used for Toolbox and Pre-start meetings across the industry.

Users have told ACC that the cards provide “a great go to resource that helps workers discuss risks and become more aware of site conditions and hazards”.

Digitising the cards makes this important safety information even more accessible and gives construction workers  the ability to customise the information to their.

Users can search for the right risk information from their device and share that quickly and easily with workmates.

“The digital risk cards are your one-stop source of construction risk and safety information to help have effective safety meetings and discussions with your team,“ the ACC says.

Get the tool now at to make sure you know the risks, lead the way and save lives.


About the contributor:

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) – Te Kaporeihana Āwhina Hunga – is a New Zealand Crown entity responsible for administering the country’s universal no-fault accidental injury scheme. The scheme provides financial compensation and support to citizens, residents, and temporary visitors who have suffered personal injuries.