Matting core component of commercial and industrial buildings



Every $1 spent keeping dirt outside saves $10 in the longer run. 

Every $1 spent keeping dirt outside saves $10 in the longer run.

Matting Systems, established in 1999 in Christchurch, is a nationwide online supplier of a wide range of entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats and specialist rubber sheeting barrier tapes and self-adhesive safety treads.

The company supplies many supermarkets with anti-fatigue mats for checkouts and specialised grease-resistant mats to various departments.

“We also sell and install soundproof and UV-resistant ramp and deck matting as well as PVC tube matting for wet areas such as bars, etc,” says Matting Systems’ Gerald Robertson.

The company installs its products, including the ever popular Advance range of architectural entrance carpets and mats such as CoralTread and Axis.

Robertson points out that these mats, which cost over $500 per sqm to purchase and or replace, require regular maintenance.

“Regular maintenance is essential,” he emphasises. “Many property owners are unaware of this and most cleaning companies choose to ignore it.”

He adds that commercial entrance mats generally absorb a whopping five to seven litres of moisture per sqm as well as large volumes of dirt, which remain at the door rather than being transported into the building.

“If this dirt is not removed it is akin to a car which does not have its oil changed, which results in clogging and the mat becoming a slip hazard,” says Robertson.

“We removed 15kg of dirt from under a nine sqm supermarket mat whilst replacing it.

“If the dirt is not removed regularly it gets finer and more abrasive, thereby destroying the adhesive holding the infill and resulting in expensive replacements.

“Likewise washable and logo mats, which are very popular, need regular cleaning by shaking, vacuuming or hosing and hanging to dry.”

Many of the mats consist of recycled materials in line with New Zealand’s focus on green living.

For the industrial property sector it supplies rubber mats, safety and anti-fatigue mats, factory and production line matting, interlocking multidirectional mats and tiles for packing areas, playground mats, and anti-static and switchboard matting. “We supply sticky mats for clean room or communication rooms and disinfectant mats for hygiene areas,” explains Robertson. “We provide mats for workers standing in one place constantly in a variety of sizes and styles best suited to this scenario, including cutting fluid and grease-resistant varieties.”

For commercial properties it has floor mats, door mats, laundry mats, chair mats, carpet protectors, office chair mats, entry mats, logo mats, personalised mats, welcome mats, shower mats, swimming pool matting, kitchen mats, gym mats and weight room mats.

“We provide free consultancy to businesses seeking to comply with Occupational Safety and Health requirements and the more stringent workplace safety legislation that has just come in as well as being accredited suppliers to Accident Compensation Corporation and Enable New Zealand,” concludes Robertson.


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